London – Part 8

I was at a bit of a loss this day. It was Saturday, and Himself had taken himself off early to go to the conference, which was the reason for being in London. I had had plans of heading out to Hampton Court, as I’d been warned that takes a day to really see it all. But after getting up and having a shower the week of pushing myself onwards and onwards, combined with a night that stretched into the early morning hours with catch ups … caught up with me. I went back to bed.

I caught up on some emails, and news. I snuggled with the resident cat. I generally took it very easy and gingerly.

When I did finally get up, I had a few hours to kill until Himself was free and full of Day One stories, so I took myself off down to London Bridge Station, and just … wandered. In my infinite wisdom, I had deduced that where I would be going was off the map, so had given it to Himself for the day. Of course, as I ended up in London, and not out of London, I was wary of straying too far from places I knew without a map.

This was kinda cool though!

 photo IMG_6564_zps28684388.jpg

But the queue (and fee) to get up to the observation deck were off-putting.

I loved this too!

 photo IMG_6560_zps18928b3d.jpg

It’s the front entrance of the Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret. It’s on my “to-do” list for next time!

There was shots to be taken of the Monument from across the Thames.

 photo IMG_7051_zpsf54d95d5.jpg

You can just make out all the little people at the top catching one of the best views in town (bar the Shard of course!).

I made the mistake of heading back into the Borough Markets, only to discover that on the weekends they are VERY popular, and highly populated! It was the only time through the whole trip where I really held on to my bag as I made my way back out again. But not before grabbing this amazing photo of a truly ginormous (is so a word spell check!) paella for Himself!

 photo IMG_7050_zps80fad905.jpg

I believe he sought it out the next day for his lunch.

I holed up in a likely looking pub for a while, and after Himself joined me, I had been regaled with stories; we had a bite to eat, and then wandered down the Thames watching the sun set.

 photo IMG_7065_zpsbf8d21ad.jpg

There were many interesting things to catch your eye on the walk!

 photo IMG_7064_zpsdb23f6d8.jpg

Himself didn’t remember this section of the river being so developed when he lived there, but he also admitted that he may not have spent much time there to notice!

Waterloo Bridge looked wonderful as the sun set.

 photo IMG_7066_zpsb6260fec.jpg

I have now seen and crossed Waterloo Bridge. Though it wasn’t the one I’d been dreaming of; not the one from the movie.

 photo IMG_7072_zpsad2ac01f.jpg

I was amused to note the sign on the bridge which read in part; “A film called Waterloo Bridge starring Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor was released in 1940. It had a tragic ending.” (No re-enactments were attempted during this crossing.)

With the Bridge behind us, we headed on up Drury Lane. (I love how all these streets have their own wiki pages! Don’t you?)

 photo IMG_7088_zpsda7e1a9a.jpg

But with no muffin man, and nary a baker to be found, we headed on home to recover for tomorrow. For tomorrow would be BIG.

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