London – Part 8

I was at a bit of a loss this day. It was Saturday, and Himself had taken himself off early to go to the conference, which was the reason for being in London. I had had plans of heading out to Hampton Court, as I’d been warned that takes a day to really see it all. But after getting up and having a shower the week of pushing myself onwards and onwards, combined with a night that stretched into the early morning hours with catch ups … caught up with me. I went back to bed.

I caught up on some emails, and news. I snuggled with the resident cat. I generally took it very easy and gingerly.

When I did finally get up, I had a few hours to kill until Himself was free and full of Day One stories, so I took myself off down to London Bridge Station, and just … wandered. In my infinite wisdom, I had deduced that where I would be going was off the map, so had given it to Himself for the day. Of course, as I ended up in London, and not out of London, I was wary of straying too far from places I knew without a map.

This was kinda cool though!

 photo IMG_6564_zps28684388.jpg

But the queue (and fee) to get up to the observation deck were off-putting. Would you like to know more?