London – Part 6

So much to achieve, and we were running out of time to achieve it in! Good thing we had the itinerary to keep us on track! We plied ourselves with coffee and jumped on a bus, out to our first stop of the day; back into the thick of things on Regent St!

 photo IMG_6774_zps97d194be.jpg

Here we had waiting for us, a gem in the city that my darling Father had told me about … Hamleys! I must remember to pay him back for all these wonderful favours at some point soon … Would you like to know more?

London – Part 5

So much to do, so little time! It was up early in order to fit everything in today! It was one of the few days where we did have a timing deadline, as I had organised to meet up with friends in the evening.

In this vein we did something that I hadn’t actually planned for and wasn’t on the itinerary. We headed to Loop, the yarn shop.

 photo IMG_6554_zps43030917.jpg

I was so good! I was so strong! I made it out of there with no purchases! Hooray me! (I think Himself went into shock!) Would you like to know more?

London – Part 4

Day four was really consumer driven. I’m not entirely sure that it was meant to be that way initially, it just turned out that way. *shrugs* Oh! That’s right! It was the one day where I cancelled what was in the itinerary because of expense (Westminster Cathedral) and silly rules about being able to be taken on a free guided tour so long as you were a voting resident (Big Ben). So we skipped it. That’ll learn ‘em!

We did happen to be living up the road from the Conran Shop though, and it seemed a shame that while living so close we would only ever walk past when the doors were closed. Sacrilege even! So in we tromped this morning.

 photo IMG_6355_zpsec52751e.jpg

As I have had enough people look askance at me when I mention this shop, allow me to briefly explain that Terence Conran is a world renowned designer. More information can be found here, and getting involved with him really does become a complete and evolutionary lifestyle choice! Would you like to know more?

London – Part 3

Another fun-filled day in London! (there were a lot of them, and all of them were fun-filled!)

We began today’s tour with a visit to a hidden oasis; St Dunstan in the East.

 photo IMG_5940_zps31fbb32a.jpg

The church was first built here in Saxon times, restored by St Dunstan in 950 AD, and then rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire in 1697. (It’s around the corner from The Monument of the same fire.) The garden you see now was laid out following severe damage in the blitz. Would you like to know more?