London – Part 4

Day four was really consumer driven. I’m not entirely sure that it was meant to be that way initially, it just turned out that way. *shrugs* Oh! That’s right! It was the one day where I cancelled what was in the itinerary because of expense (Westminster Cathedral) and silly rules about being able to be taken on a free guided tour so long as you were a voting resident (Big Ben). So we skipped it. That’ll learn ‘em!

We did happen to be living up the road from the Conran Shop though, and it seemed a shame that while living so close we would only ever walk past when the doors were closed. Sacrilege even! So in we tromped this morning.

 photo IMG_6355_zpsec52751e.jpg

As I have had enough people look askance at me when I mention this shop, allow me to briefly explain that Terence Conran is a world renowned designer. More information can be found here, and getting involved with him really does become a complete and evolutionary lifestyle choice! Would you like to know more?