London – Part 5

So much to do, so little time! It was up early in order to fit everything in today! It was one of the few days where we did have a timing deadline, as I had organised to meet up with friends in the evening.

In this vein we did something that I hadn’t actually planned for and wasn’t on the itinerary. We headed to Loop, the yarn shop.

 photo IMG_6554_zps43030917.jpg

I was so good! I was so strong! I made it out of there with no purchases! Hooray me! (I think Himself went into shock!) *dies*

However we were not to get away that easily! Loop was conveniently placed within Camden Passage. So while I had been eyeing up yarn and other pretties, Himself had been sussing out the antique military hardware and falling for things which were WAY more expensive than I’d been oogling!

Mum? This one’s for you! HOURS of entertainment!

 photo IMG_6558_zpsb285c70f.jpg

We both got sensible, and walked away from all we were looking at, so we could have coffee (which we were sadly lacking at this point), in order to make sensible decisions. Needless to say, we didn’t go back. Though there may be a piece of antique lace which still calls my name softly … in the quiet hours of the night … when only I can hear it …

But it was back to the Tube and the other end of town for today’s adventures to really kick off! We started by finding the place where Himself would be attending a conference over the weekend. We didn’t want him to find himself lost at 9am on Saturday morning as it was beginning! From there we realised we were hungry, and conveniently in our path was the Borough Markets.

 photo IMG_6565_zps2be93f27.jpg

Seriously the most delicious fresh wild boar tortellini I’ve ever tasted! *wipes the drool off my chin*

But we were on a mission of epic Shakespearian proportions and couldn’t waste time trying samples from each stall! Off we proceeded around the South Bank, where we stumbled quite happily upon another Neverwhere moment! Check it out! Door!

 photo IMG_6590_zpsc5bfb9bc.jpg

Around another corner, and there it was … The Globe Theatre.

 photo IMG_6613_zps9f1e0d76.jpg

Badly researched on my part though, as you can only do tours in the mornings, and it was after lunch time by this point. We were upset, but there was nothing for it. We moved on, determined to make it a higher priority for the next trip!

Just a little way further down the South Bank though Himself was at peace, as we walked our way (with thousands of others) into the Tate Modern. We came all the way to London for him to look at his Mondrians. (For those of you that don’t follow that link, Mondrian was Dutch.)

 photo IMG_6626_zpsec52553d.jpg

I rediscovered why I dislike modern art. All the good work done by the Stedelijk was undone in one fell swoop by the Tate Modern. I am aware this is a personal view about modern art, and that there is some of it that I still really do like. Perfect example is this;

 photo IMG_6672_zps0f594dcf.jpg

Water-Lilies by Monet. There may also have been a Calder, and a Nolan that I quite liked. (One of the good ones.) Ok, so maybe I’m not against ALL modern art!

But we were out of time! We had places to be, and people to see! I had organised when we booked our tickets to meet up with any friends in the UK who could get to London to meet us that night! Some of these people I have been chatting with online for YEARS, and I can’t tell you how amazing it was to meet them in the flesh finally! (Not to mention a ring-in from Texas who just happened to be passing through on HER vacation as well!)

 photo IMG_6733_zps1a596287.jpg

And of course we did what any group of long lost friends do when they meet up in a pub … we knitted. And discussed King Lear. Yep. We know how to live the high life!

Five hours later, and several litres of banana bread flavoured beer later (better than it sounds, I swear), Himself and I were back on our way, ticking things off our itinerary. First and foremost was the Millennium Bridge which, given the hour, was spectacularly lit up!

 photo IMG_6751_zps0c39db28.jpg

As you fall off the end of the eerie blue light you find yourself at the steps of St Paul.

 photo IMG_6762_zpsaf8d0cbe.jpg

I looked, but I couldn’t find the little old bird woman to give my tuppence to. I hope there isn’t a run on the bank!

I had that song in my head for a whole week. Every time I looked up and saw the basilica. And that basilica dominates the city. Please, share my pain … Click the link.

As we headed back to the apartment we just had time for one more Neverwhere experience, as we passed our Ordeal of the Black Friars.

 photo IMG_6772_zps077b2209.jpg

Did you ever get the impression you should just read/see Neverwhere for yourself? It’s well worth it, I swear! But it’ll change the way you see London forever!

4 thoughts on “London – Part 5

    1. That Door to London Below is just around the corner from where we were! I wish I had knocked on it… Perhaps I should have gone looking for the sheep at Shepherds Bush …?

      Hehe, I thought you were just hiding your face from the camera! 😉

  1. I need to find that door! I’d not seen it before.

    Globe tour is fun, as is catching a show there, if you can, just to tick that one off your London bingo 😉

    1. It’s near the Clink, on the way through to the Globe, on the Thames side.

      Part of the reason for the King Lear talk, was that that was the play that was on. Though, it wasn’t on in English! 😛

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