Luxembourg – Part 1

As we looked over our maps and tried to decide where to go one weekend, I mentioned that I wanted to go to Geneva and catch up with a friend. But we didn’t really have the time in one weekend to drive that far and make it a worthwhile trip.

 photo IMG_8396_zps5gspugdy.jpg

With a stroke of inspiration I messaged her, and asked if her and her husband were busy on the weekend, and if they’d be willing to meet us half way! To make a long story short (too late), they did! So we’ve been to Luxembourg!

 photo IMG_3371_zpsr84kzmvm.jpg

Riding down on Saturday in the driving rain was possibly not the most fun we’ve had on the back of the motorbike. But knowing that we’d be able to catch up with M&G gave us the stamina to keep going!

 photo IMG_8379_zpsvwdwwg2k.jpg

It wasn’t going to be a long weekend, and we didn’t really have plans of anything to do once we got there, but just being able to wander around chatting was totally worth it!

 photo IMG_8387_zps3lxks4d1.jpg

It is however a capital city, and therefore there is always something going on that you can go to see. On our way past we paid our respects to the Grand Duchess Charlotte.

 photo IMG_8395_zpsj6clzde9.jpg

But I did have a venue in mind, since I hadn’t yet seen the one in Paris, I was determined to get to Cathedral Notre-Dame.

 photo IMG_8405_zpsmdmvlb84.jpg

And made it we did. Just as they turned of all the lights …

 photo IMG_8409_zpsidpzs74p.jpg

… so we got scooted out of there pretty quickly. I guess I can say that I’ve been there, but I’d like to go back again! However we were on our way, and exploring!

 photo 20150905_180839_zps1m7rpph1.jpg

Over the edge of this balcony, we discovered a fountain. Himself and G found the view at the top of the balcony much more pleasant though! I can’t think why … We walked on deciding that at some point we probably should find food to eat, and wended our way towards where we hoped to find such things.

 photo IMG_8418_zpspiowuurs.jpg

As with so many cities in Europe, the secret to discovering good food is to find yourself a small alleyway and follow it. First we found a neat little bar to have pre-drinks in, then we all concluded that food would probably be an even more wise idea.

 photo IMG_8436_zpslrytb6rn.jpg

In true world weary traveler tradition, for dinner we ate at a Chinese restaurant. And very well prepared food it was too! I haven’t had steamed pork buns that good in years!!!

On into the night, our Luxembourg Adventure did continue …

4 thoughts on “Luxembourg – Part 1

  1. Great photos of another great adventure. I hope you’ll be able to make it back down to Luxembourg again soon and, even better, to Geneva, before too long! 😀

    Mmmm pork buns. Great, now I want pork buns.

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