Scenes from Amsterdam

Beware the cute little cars.

 photo IMG_6601_zpsqkgbnbfy.jpg

They travel on the bike paths, not the roads, and are considered to be “bike-like” in that they are speed limited. Therefore, they can run you over when you are a) not on the road, or b) walking through the larger parks.

Moral of the story, don’t walk on the bike paths. They are treacherous!

3 thoughts on “Scenes from Amsterdam

  1. Wow. Just when you thought the only thing you had to keep your eyes (and ears) open for were the bicycles. Do these cars make noise? Honk horns or otherwise behave like cyclists?

    This also opens a couple other questions I had about life in Amsterdam, but never thought to ask: are there different laws for different size motorbikes? Are motorbikes as a group considered to be cars or cycles? Does one have to have a license to drive any kind of motorbike or just one of a certain size or class?

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