Uitmarkt 2015

Himself and I wandered the streets the other day as we are wont to do when we are not riding all over the countryside on the back of a motorbike … *takes a breath* … and we stumbled across the Uitmarkt.

 photo IMG_8320_zpstbunkhu1.jpg

Now, “What is the Uitmarkt?” I hear you asking me through the internet. Why, the Uitmarkt is a three day celebration of the Netherlands cultural scene!

 photo IMG_8324_zpstjoglpzb.jpg

It covered Museumplein with stalls and was packed with people.

 photo IMG_8348_zpsyztctahm.jpg

It officially opens the cultural season by showcasing some of the amazing talent that is available.

 photo IMG_8325_zpsnpubq09x.jpg

We had a lot of fun watching the kids playing in the water in some of the last hot weather of the season.

 photo IMG_8323_zpsy8y2xaka.jpg

We also managed to snag a drink …

 photo IMG_8336_zpsjzpu4dhw.jpg

… and some food while listening to local bands, and having a bit of a dance!

 photo IMG_8335_zps8n52ei63.jpg

Sometimes people watching is the order of the day though. Especially when there are that many people around en masse.

 photo IMG_8330_zps8umgdtk5.jpg

I loved watching the skaters too. Some of them were amazingly good. Reminded me of the brief notion I had in childhood of learning to skate being an awesome idea.

 photo IMG_8331_zps2urfzvl3.jpg

Right up until I stacked it. Good thing I had pads on really.

 photo IMG_8349_zpswkjq090z.jpg

As is so often the case, and I have come to love around here, it was an incredibly relaxed and family friendly vibe. Kids with painted faces stuffing ice creams in their mouths and wiping their sticky selves on Mum and Dad … Perfect late summer afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Uitmarkt 2015

  1. Looks like a lot of fun, not the least for the music but also for watching the people interact and pass by. With food and a drink in hand, it sounds like it would be a great chance to sit somewhere and just watch the crowds 🙂

    Beyond bands and/or solo musicians, do they incorporate other areas of the arts, such as theatre or opera or the art exhibitions that will be coming up?

    1. Yes! Everyone was there! All the theatres, and museums (including the Eye) had stalls and were talking about what their upcoming programs would be entailing. It is such a wonderful idea for generating exposure and excitement about the season! 🙂

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