SAIL Amsterdam 2015

Catching up on some of our more exciting recent adventures, we attended SAIL last weekend! It is an epic occasion where Amsterdam becomes host to all manner of water vessels for four magnificent days every five years.

 photo IMG_0027_zpszlisr0wf.jpg

It was an amazing spectacle and exhibition to be a part of and contribute to. We wound up going on the Saturday along with 600,000 other people who attended that day.

 photo IMG_0225_zpsl9sxpe3g.jpg

But the boats! There were all manner of vessels, both big …

 photo IMG_0244_zps8oil9xa1.jpg

… and small.

 photo IMG_0210_zpsctvi1rrf.jpg

Parading up and down the IJ was immense amounts of fun. And Himself and I even managed to join everyone for a while on the Hop On Hop Off boat.

 photo IMG_0356_zpsd8xtpp4s.jpg

We saw a likely looking port and hopped off, joining the other land-lubbers in the excitement that was going on over on one of the islands.

 photo IMG_0300_zpsm7fgafzr.jpg

There was a lot to see and do. Not just the boats, but food, bands and entertainment too!

 photo IMG_0306_zpsh6qddkdf.jpg

But of course we were there for the boats, so that’s where most of our attention was focused.

 photo IMG_0362_zpsmfytiicu.jpg

I really wished our brothers-in-law could have been there too! Both of them are quite invested in seafaring vessels! Maybe next time.

 photo IMG_0380_zpsd52mbxn5.jpg

This was one of the more exotic vessels we saw near the end of this day! Makes me wander what we might have seen if we’d been there every day the festival was on!

 photo IMG_0402_zpsycmtvgfj.jpg

This amazing show will be back again in five years, so I hope you’re all saving your pennies so that you can come and join us for the next one in 2020!

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