Current Events

It has been a busy, but sad time in the Netherlands. Everywhere you go the flags are at half-mast.

 photo IMG_2159_zpsf845ccf9.jpg

The ramifications of nearly 200 Dutch people being killed, and over 30 Australians, has left me reflecting on how precious and yet fleeting life can be.

 photo IMG_2157_zpsc3a30c76.jpg

Himself and I have been keeping busy just living life, so there hasn’t really been much to write home about. Himself is studying for exams, and I have been spending lots of time at the physio and the dentist. Oodles of fun, I swear.

This very blog that you’re reading has had another birthday. It has been in existence for four years now! Four years that I’ve been sharing our lives and adventures with you all. So we had a small party!

 photo IMG_2143_zps67d74c0e.jpg

There was cake, and cake flavoured cocktails! And check out what we found in a local store!

We had so much fun!

 photo IMG_2148_zps99d6ce29.jpg

What did you get up to over the weekend?

2 thoughts on “Current Events

  1. Happy birthday all around! Really love that candle. Is it rechargeable or can it only be used the once?

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