Wevers Markt in Hoorn

A group of us got together to head out to Hoorn the other day. It’s about half an hour by train from Amsterdam, and on this particular day Hoorn was hosting its annual Weavers Market!

 photo IMG_2059_zps70b03067.jpg

So much yarn, so many fibre related products! I think all of us thought we’d gone to heaven!

 photo IMG_2033_zps295f4ece.jpg

We spent about five hours all told, and didn’t quite make it to the end before the markets were closing and packing up around us.

 photo IMG_2037_zps20d8071d.jpg

It’s so invigorating to be surrounded by so much inspiration all in one place.

 photo IMG_2040_zpsfa00f44b.jpg

For a change though, I was such a good girl. I didn’t buy anything! Everything I fell for I knew I had something similar at home already.

 photo IMG_2047_zps715b7260.jpg

I keep falling for the same things over and over again apparently!

 photo IMG_2060_zps92738d17.jpg

Lace or sock weight, in cool vibrant tones, in large-scale skeins, in order to create my epically huge shawls.

 photo IMG_2049_zps115b5eb9.jpg

Of course, being a Weavers Market there was also things for spinning …

 photo IMG_2064_zps5c2033e7.jpg

… basket making …

 photo IMG_2068_zps628eb341.jpg

… felting …

 photo IMG_2073_zpsf713429c.jpg

… and embroidery!

 photo IMG_2076_zps5b739742.jpg

It was the most amazing day, and this event is now firmly lodged in my diary for next year! I can’t wait! But I may need to get there earlier!

Perhaps by next year I will have my own spinning wheel and I’ll be able to buy some fleece, or batts for spinning! *dreams* And by the next year, who knows? Perhaps then I’ll have learnt to weave!

6 thoughts on “Wevers Markt in Hoorn

    1. That’s part of the trap! Everything looks better in a rainbow! So they set them all out to best advantage, and then when you get them home you wonder why you only have one colour. OR you fall for it at the stall and buy ALL THE COLOURS! Because that’s how it looks so amazing! 😉

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