Today’s Table – Alpaca Scarf

As some of you might remember I was working on a scarf in hand painted alpaca. Being a luxury yarn, when I ran out of it, and still wanted more length to the scarf, I had to come up with a plan.

 photo IMG_2074_zps064f7095.jpg

And plan I did! I got another alpaca yarn in a corresponding colourway, and some beads which would draw on the colours from the hand painted yarn. Then I delved into my stitch dictionaries because I wanted to make a feature of the ends and show off the beading.

 photo IMG_2097_zpsbd51f2b2.jpg

Once complete, it was of course bath time!

 photo IMG_2078_zps86287988.jpg

Then draining.

 photo IMG_2079_zpse2d65169.jpg

The excess water is removed via towel and some gentle stomping.

 photo IMG_2080_zps43d3c257.jpg

And then pinned out to help the lace stitches bloom!

 photo IMG_2081_zps18af3fa7.jpg

Here, have a few close ups!

 photo IMG_2085_zpse8c7a382.jpg

 photo IMG_2083_zps81d83983.jpg

I’ve also finished my mittens! Just in time for this Winter! (Pity about the last one!)

 photo IMG_2086_zps66a1771c.jpg

And shortly I’ll do a bigger post that is fully devoted to my finally completed Estonian Lace “Crown Prince” Shawl.

 photo IMG_2088_zpsd258ce96.jpg

Personally, after 2 and a half years, I’m kind of amazed at myself for finally sewing it together!

6 thoughts on “Today’s Table – Alpaca Scarf

  1. Looking forward to seeing what the scarf looks like when the blocking is completed! A lovely roundup of finished objects. Congratulations!

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