Today’s Table – Being Productive

So many things to show you all! I’ve been being productive and making the most of my time. But remember when I finished the epic Estonian stitch shawl? Yeah, here’s what it looks like on (and a good idea of just how huge it really is).

 photo _MG_6759_zps7b268818.jpg

Attractive as all get out, when combined with jeans, and hiking boots, I know! Would you like to know more?

Today’s Table – Alpaca Scarf

As some of you might remember I was working on a scarf in hand painted alpaca. Being a luxury yarn, when I ran out of it, and still wanted more length to the scarf, I had to come up with a plan.

 photo IMG_2074_zps064f7095.jpg

And plan I did! I got another alpaca yarn in a corresponding colourway, and some beads which would draw on the colours from the hand painted yarn. Then I delved into my stitch dictionaries because I wanted to make a feature of the ends and show off the beading. Would you like to know more?

So much has been going on!

First and foremost it must finally be Summer! Windows have begun sprouting school satchels, which means that school is over and someone has passed their exams!

 photo IMG_1213_zps62c2798d.jpg

We had a night celebrating a little while ago, Would you like to know more?

Today’s Table – Crown Prince

I have picked up the Crown Prince shawl again after a year and a half. Last seen here. I thought it was about time I finished it.

 photo IMG_3055_zps1e77734f.jpg

I have just the top half of the sixth cross up the side to do, then the row of crosses along the top. Then I get to cast on for the edgings, graft them on, and then block. Not insurmountable, but from here it still feels kind of epic.

To fill out this post a little, and because I said I would, here are the flamingos on my balcony. They fill me with near endless happiness.

 photo 21e39983-5956-4bed-aa0f-67ef6113f668_zps3f30a7c9.jpg  photo efe90710-25bc-4ab3-bbc0-9342b0def2c1_zps8c20a5aa.jpg

I am just waiting for the weather to warm up enough for me to share my coffee with them each morning!