So much has been going on!

First and foremost it must finally be Summer! Windows have begun sprouting school satchels, which means that school is over and someone has passed their exams!

 photo IMG_1213_zps62c2798d.jpg

We had a night celebrating a little while ago, and I hadn’t yet had a chance to share with you the adventure! I wanted to try some place new and exciting, so we decided to try Door 74. It’s a cocktail lounge which we’d been told about by a visiting friend after they went there. Check out the menu!

 photo IMG_3609_zps1cc8576c.jpg

In theory you only get told the address when you make a reservation. In reality; Google exists. And you can only make a reservation the day you want to go. It was an incredible experience! The drinks were perfect taste combinations. Himself went with a rum based drink.

 photo IMG_3612_zpsae96b12c.jpg

While I went with a whisky and champagne concoction with a rosehip garnish …

 photo IMG_3613_zpse280fd6e.jpg

… followed by an Absinth and citrus drink which was lighter and fresher than I could have imagined possible!

 photo IMG_3619_zps938f0cd8.jpg

It was a wonderful way to spend an evening. We were there for hours just chatting and passing the time. We were laughing and giggling like a couple of teenagers.

The shawl of doom is … still in pieces.

 photo IMG_3622_zps13a34e4b.jpg

You sew the pieces together with the yarn still attached to the ball, so when you run out of thread as you’re sewing, you draw more through from the ball. It means it’s all sewn together on one long thread. It also means that when you run out of thread, you drawn more through. Effectively resewing everything you’ve just sewn, over and over again. I began sewing it together, but when the first quarter came out misaligned, I ripped it all back. I can’t come this far and not have it perfect!

 photo IMG_3623_zpsb0078c14.jpg

So I still have a long way to go.

Last thing I have to share is that, this past weekend in the Netherlands (and other parts of the world) it was Father’s Day. Coke has been running this promotion, and when I saw this particular poster I had to snap a pic of it with my phone.

 photo IMG_1211_zpsd00a5972.jpg

Special for you Dad. *smiles*

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