Productive Laziness

After throwing my back out and being rather useless all of last week (and under orders from my new and lovely physio, who we don’t want to upset) I took it easy on Saturday. Pulled out my paints, and floundered for a while making a great mess. But it was relaxing.

 photo IMG_3710_zps91c2ca6d.jpg

It’s lame, I know. I really do enjoy having all the colours spread out before me and dabbling in them though. I should remember this more often, and do it more often too!

So because I was taking it easy, and being good and resting, We spent a portion of Sunday moving furniture. There‘s a couple of reasons for this. The first is settling in to the apartment. Just making things fit in a way that has them useful to us on a daily basis, and the other is because we have visitors coming in July and I’m starting to wonder how 4 adults and 3 kids and 3 cats will fit … Well I was. Now I’m good!

So as a reward, when Himself suggested we go to the local café for coffee and orange juice, I changed his plan slightly, and we picked up our (always at the ready) picnic basket, and headed off to the park.

 photo IMG_3690_zpsb4e51764.jpg

We spent time chatting with local dog walkers and playing with their excited poodle puppies. We had to save our drinks from another friendly puppy, but they were all polite enough to stay off the blanket. I was impressed! (But there were no beagles.)

 photo IMG_3699_zps25430c9c.jpg

We eventually felt a little squeezed out of our space by a BBQ-ing mass of humanity which moved in in dribs and drabs. But the wine was gone, and it was getting cold, so it was probably time to move on anyway.

 photo IMG_3706_zpsfd0e2e29.jpg

Passing this climbing rose on the way home was like walking through a miasma of scent. It cemented the grin which was plastered to my face. Yes, I stopped and smelled the roses. We both did.

 photo IMG_3708_zps7e6ac917.jpg

Before leaving you today I felt I should to share this picture with you that Himself took of Madeline the other day during the height of the Spring Snow.

 photo IMG_1201_zpsc71f3f4e.jpg

This picture makes me so very happy! And I’m going to tell you a little something now, that’s just between us …

… Damn this stuff gets in EVERYWHERE!!!

4 thoughts on “Productive Laziness

  1. Picnicking and barbecuing – now there is something to plan for after winter – do look forward Spring. You are supposed to leave back injuries to those of us increasing in age – do hope it is on the mend. Just love the picture of Madeline.

    1. You don’t plan for picnics! Picnics just kind of happen to you 🙂 And damn I wish this Summer would get over 18C 😛

      My back injuries have been going on for years. I attempt to mitigate, make good friends with a physio, and get Himself to do all the heavy lifting 😉

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