Utrecht – Part 1

Some days you just have to get on a train, ride for twenty minutes, and end up in a different city altogether. The city we ended up in was Utrecht.

 photo IMG_4549_zps7fc616f3.jpg

She’s a bit like Amsterdam’s older, smaller, quainter (is so a word!) … sister. Would you like to know more?

Summer in Amsterdam

It’s easy to tell when it’s Summer in Amsterdam. Suddenly the populace is out in force in their boats on the canals.

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It is the perfect opportunity to sit in one of the many canal-side cafes and watch the state of relaxation drifting past. Would you like to know more?

So much has been going on!

First and foremost it must finally be Summer! Windows have begun sprouting school satchels, which means that school is over and someone has passed their exams!

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We had a night celebrating a little while ago, Would you like to know more?

Ready. Fire. AIM!

Otherwise titled: How to have an Adventure.

I once had a Little Book of Chaos where it advised that you should rip random odd pages out of your street directory in order to make life more interesting.

We may have heeded this advice a little too closely over the weekend.

I’d seen a poster for a medieval fair.


Being us we thought this looked AWESOME! And being in the nearby woods area, we decided to head on over after waking up on Sunday (during the heatwave).


Not being entirely sure where it was being held, we just walked and figured we’d come across it eventually. How could you miss it, we thought?


It seemed like an awful lot of our local community was out and about in the woods, walking in the shade in an attempt to escape the heat. Or swimming in the murky lake.

The light dappled the path through the green canopy, and when we got near the camping grounds, we found a few of these structures which appear to have been built by the bored kids over Summer.


There were some beautiful flowers all blooming in abundance in the sun and heat.


I have decided that I love thistles! They’re so pretty!


It was wonderful seeing new life sprouting from a felled tree.


And given all the canals, there is a predominance of water birds all over!


Have you noticed yet, that there are no pictures of the fair? Yeah. We discovered the hard way that the local woods are massive. We spent several hours walking in the heat, and only traversed the bottom third of the woods. It dawned on me then that I had the web address for the fair, and given that we live in the future with the internet on our phones …

We never made it to the fair. It was up the other end of the woods. Several kilometers away.

Oh well. Next year?