Utrecht – Part 1

Some days you just have to get on a train, ride for twenty minutes, and end up in a different city altogether. The city we ended up in was Utrecht.

 photo IMG_4549_zps7fc616f3.jpg

She’s a bit like Amsterdam’s older, smaller, quainter (is so a word!) … sister.

 photo IMG_4557_zps7ec371b8.jpg

This church spire dominates the whole city centre (and several of my photographs), and plays some wonderful tunes throughout the day! I found it really cheerful!

 photo IMG_4573_zps59099464.jpg

Of course the day we decided to do this was a Netherlands heatwave day of 32C with 80-90% humidity. So we ambled from shady patch to shady patch taking photos all the way!

 photo IMG_4587_zps3db27b25.jpg

Everything feels more “gezellig” in Utrecht. “Gezellig” is an untranslatable Dutch word which is most commonly translated as “cozy”, but it’s much more than that.

 photo IMG_4602_zps92f126d7.jpg

See! Church spire! Also note all the people in boats. This means it’s Summer/hot in the Netherlands.

 photo IMG_4606_zps17057a69.jpg

Something that still blows my tiny anitpodean mind; this row of houses was built in 1597. They are not only still standing, but people still live in them!

 photo IMG_4625_zps97c1f73d.jpg

And no one does picturesque windows quite like the Dutch!

 photo IMG_4627_zps4dcaf041.jpg

I wonder if there is a course I can take?

More on this adventure in our next exciting episode! So stay tuned!!!

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