Vino Veritas – Utrecht

“In vino veritas is a Latin phrase that translates “in wine [there is the] truth”. ” Source.

It’s not often in this crazy world where you get to meet your blogging friends. But when someone whose blog you follow, opens up an Italian Wine Bar, that seems to me like the perfect excuse to go on an excursion to Utrecht!

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I began following The Flamingo in Utrecht when I got to the Netherlands and was looking for other expat experiences of living in the Netherlands. So of course when she and her partner opened an Italian wine bar I knew I would have to go and visit and meet her! Then when Himself suggested a day trip to Utrecht, I knew that the stars had aligned, and I knew exactly where we should be going! Would you like to know more?

Utrecht – Part 2

We had a purpose to our trip to Utrecht. Though I’m sure often it must seem that we just randomly go places and see what will happen when we get there (and sometimes this is exactly what we do), I also wanted to be able to achieve my purpose today. So I was on a mission to go to the Nijntje Museum.

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Nijntje (or Miffy as most of the rest of the world knows her) is the brain child of one Dick Bruna, and as part of the Centraal Museum, you can visit his house and see how his design process works! Would you like to know more?

Utrecht – Part 1

Some days you just have to get on a train, ride for twenty minutes, and end up in a different city altogether. The city we ended up in was Utrecht.

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She’s a bit like Amsterdam’s older, smaller, quainter (is so a word!) … sister. Would you like to know more?