Vino Veritas – Utrecht

“In vino veritas is a Latin phrase that translates “in wine [there is the] truth”. ” Source.

It’s not often in this crazy world where you get to meet your blogging friends. But when someone whose blog you follow, opens up an Italian Wine Bar, that seems to me like the perfect excuse to go on an excursion to Utrecht!

 photo IMG_2197_zps88c01d00.jpg

I began following The Flamingo in Utrecht when I got to the Netherlands and was looking for other expat experiences of living in the Netherlands. So of course when she and her partner opened an Italian wine bar I knew I would have to go and visit and meet her! Then when Himself suggested a day trip to Utrecht, I knew that the stars had aligned, and I knew exactly where we should be going!

 photo IMG_2218_zps8200bf3c.jpg

Oh boy was it worth it! The selection at Vino Veritas is impeccable, and while I was a bit overcome with the diversity of choice on the menu, this was easily remedied by just ordering selection platters.

 photo IMG_2226_zps1ad567dd.jpg

Wine is easier to choose if you know what you like, but even if you don’t the friendly and helpful staff is more than willing to offer their opinions and apply their knowledge to find you the perfect drop.

 photo IMG_2219_zps8d62866a.jpg

We spent several hours conversing at length with the breeze about the vagaries of life in all its many and varied hues. Some might even say we talked a lot of bollocks for several hours. But I do know that when the first glasses of wine were completed, there was still food left, so we ordered more wine!

Of course, when the food ran out, the wine was so delicious that we ordered more anyway …

At this stage I’d like to point out that I moved on to a dessert wine, and with it came dessert biscotti. Which in line with tradition, was dunked into the wine. My new favouritest thing in the entire world! (Outside of Himself.)

 photo IMG_2230_zps02d424bf.jpg

By then we were possibly a bit tipsy, and what better way to spend time in a different city than wandering aimlessly and taking photos of all the cool stuff you spy? Like these table and chairs in bright colours.

 photo IMG_2243_zpsd4b00f90.jpg

These wonderful and curious doors which are at canal level, but not street level.

 photo IMG_2204_zps7b1e24b3.jpg

And this wonderful juxtaposition of old and new architecture!

 photo IMG_2253_zps0b72c3db.jpg

It was also the day I realised that the cold snap we’ve been experiencing is here to stay, and summer won’t be coming back. You see those leaves? Yep, that’s the autumnal change, right there.

 photo IMG_2270_zps761cc7c1.jpg

We eventually ambled home with no real need to be anywhere by any time, and had spent a wonderful day just doing our thing in another of the Netherlands’ beautiful and picturesque cities. It was just made even more special by being able to meet new friends, and sample of some (not so local) delicacies!

 photo IMG_2228_zpsc5ce749c.jpg

Vino Veritas
Bilstraat 9

7 thoughts on “Vino Veritas – Utrecht

  1. What a wonderful adventure! It sounds like a great spot to check out (*adds it to the Places-I-Must-Someday-Visit list*) and I really like the luminaria in the wine bar window. Very neat! Sorry to hear that fall is well and truly on the way, but glad to see you found some unusual sights on your wanderings.

  2. As I surface briefly from what has been a long busy week, I want to thank you for stopping by. Your visit was the highlight of the day and I just wish you both lived closer. I’d love the chance to converse at length or talk a lot of bollocks. 🙂 So glad you enjoyed your visit to our charming little town (and wine bar) and that you get to come back soon.

    1. Talking bollocks is one of the things that makes life worth living 😉
      I wish we lived closer too! Though, a 20 min train ride isn’t so far! Let’s not go Dutch about it!
      Hopefully Himself and I will be back soon. With fare like yours it won’t be hard to convince Himself that it’s a good idea!

  3. Reblogged this on A Flamingo in Utrecht and commented:
    I was thrilled when I realized that it was Ghoti Industries and Himself who arrived outside Vino Veritas as we were getting a slightly late start opening on Saturday. They were soon followed by a few other groups, which kept me busy for a while, but eventually we got a chance to talk a bit more and have a good laugh at the variety of bad parking that regularly takes place outside.

    They were a charming and fascinating couple who I wish lived much closer. Still, it was a bit serendipitous that they showed up when they did, as it was thanks to her blog that I actually knew the answer to an Eggheads or University Challenge question the previous week regarding irregularities in English spelling. Go read her lovely post about her visit to us at Vino Veritas and then read more of her blog to find out how to pronounce “ghoti”.

    And if you’re in Utrecht, come visit Vino Veritas today and help G and I celebrate 13 years together. If we have to be working, at least help make the experience feel more like a party!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!
      Alison’s place really is wonderful, and I can’t wait to go back and sample some more of the extensive selection. I’m so lucky I live close by!

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