Our Lord in the Attic

In an unassuming canal house, in the old section of town, there is a secret. You have to know to look for it, but it is remarkable!

 photo IMG_4440_zps539ce159.jpg

It looks like it could be any other well-preserved historic house within the grachten gordel.

 photo IMG_4439_zpse2aeaef2.jpg

But when you step inside this house and step back through time, you realise that it’s going to be a little bit different.

 photo IMG_4444_zps6fe4757f.jpg

As you reach the attic you step into a hidden church which encompasses the attics of three houses!

 photo IMG_4447_zps14ff70b4.jpg

Built during the Reformation when the Catholics weren’t allowed to practice their faith in public, this amazing space, known as Our Lord in the Attic, seated up to 150.

 photo IMG_4449_zps924a7000.jpg

The authorities did know it was there, but turned a blind eye.

 photo IMG_4479_zps85f004e9.jpg

It has only recently all been restored back to its former glory, and there are many places where pains have been taken to show you what it would have looked like throughout its history.

 photo IMG_4488_zpsdb314aee.jpg

What was truly remarkable for me was being shown through the rabbit warren of all three buildings by the audio tour. It was conducted by a small device which you held up to your ear for information.

 photo IMG_4504_zpsfa3273f7.jpg

This enabled you to gather lots of information without disrupting the quiet sanctity of the space, or others who might have been utilising the area.

 photo IMG_4511_zps2d296546.jpg

All three houses were set up in a way to give remarkable insight as to not only the living conditions at the time, but also what it must have been like to have to hide your faith away and keep it a secret.

 photo IMG_4474_zps6452dfc2.jpg

It’s quite disconcerting when you’re within, to look out and realise that several hundred years seem to add themselves into the flow of time, just outside the glass you’re staring through …

This is a beautiful museum and church, well worth searching out for a visit.

3 thoughts on “Our Lord in the Attic

  1. The attic church is amazing! I like the audio tours that operate that way, as it allows me to move at my own pace and still learn. Looks like an excellent place to visit 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experience.

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