Canal Cruise

2013 is the year in which Amsterdam celebrates 400 years of the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Canal District. In order to help celebrate, we went on a canal cruise!

 photo IMG_4387_zps00572efd.jpg

The famous canal rings were established in the Dutch Golden Age. The three main canals being the Herengracht, Prinsengracht, and Keizersgracht.

 photo IMG_4392_zps30bedf3a.jpg

These form a concentric circle around the city known as the grachtengordel.

 photo IMG_4398_zps17c1552c.jpg

Amsterdam has more than one hundred kilometres of canals.

 photo IMG_4415_zps72ecaa43.jpg

There are about ninety islands, and 1500 bridges.

 photo IMG_4405_zps528a4fad.jpg

Some of the prettiest bridges are in the stretch known as the Seven Little Bridges, and are best seen from the water level. (Obviously we were on the wrong side of the boat for this!)

 photo IMG_4403_zpse31724db.jpg

When there was a massive housing shortage in Amsterdam the inhabitants took to their beloved waterways to live; and thus entered in the era of the house boat. Of course there are legal house boats, and illegal house boats. Legal ones have electricity, heating and plumbing. I know which I’d prefer to live in!

 photo IMG_4397_zps174ad707.jpg

It’s a wonderful experience to be able to see the streets which I’ve gotten to know so well from a different perspective. You see so many different things from the waterway.

 photo IMG_4420_zpsf8aabc01.jpg

Most of our tour was down the Herengracht or Gentleman’s Canal, which is often considered the most elegant of the canals.

 photo IMG_4416_zpsafa1b7ee.jpg

These two beautiful father and son buildings are up on the Brouwersgracht in the Jordaan; and noticing there’s an apartment for sale does make me wonder what it’s worth (and how big it is)!

 photo IMG_4424_zps642a239d.jpg

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour, and get the chance to go for one shortly yourself!

6 thoughts on “Canal Cruise

  1. Do the rings you describe interconnect? It looks like an interesting activity, to see the canals from canal level.

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