Summer in Amsterdam

It’s easy to tell when it’s Summer in Amsterdam. Suddenly the populace is out in force in their boats on the canals.

 photo IMG_4196_zps2e316895.jpg

It is the perfect opportunity to sit in one of the many canal-side cafes and watch the state of relaxation drifting past.

 photo IMG_4197_zps9a5f2a45.jpg

Bigger boats offer the excitement of watching the bridges going up and down.

 photo IMG_4201_zps868428cf.jpg

I’m always impressed with just how many people can fit comfortably on one boat too!

 photo IMG_4195_zpsd9c50b05.jpg

There’s the anticipation of wondering what’s coming towards you from the distant bridge as it opens for the next boat to be allowed through.

 photo IMG_4204_zps2ff9b2eb.jpg

Somewhere in there, there’s a small slice of a past life …

 photo IMG_4212_zps63358ab3.jpg

When all’s said and done, with so many wonderful options of how to spend your Summer days, messing about on the river, or just watching others messing about, isn’t all that bad!

 photo IMG_4208_zps810d8381.jpg

How’re you passing this Summer heatwave?

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