The Stedelijk Museum

The Stedelijk is a modern art museum …

 photo IMG_4245_zpsf8797a75.jpg

… which is controversially known for looking like a bathtub.

 photo IMG_4246_zpsc9d41222.jpg

I’d had reservations about going to the Stedelijk as I had a history of not completely enjoying modern art, but when offered the opportunity to go with someone else who also wishes to explore and play with interactive art installations, I’m not one to turn down an adventure!

 photo IMG_4255_zps6c06c6cd.jpg

I was determined to go in with an open mind, and not close myself off; for this I was well rewarded! I have been able to see, up close and personal, pieces from artists whom I really do admire greatly! I’ve seen my first Calder.

 photo IMG_4273_zps7a2234e8.jpg

Some Mondrians which I photographed for Himself.

 photo IMG_4275_zpsa44616be.jpg

A number of Kandinskys, which after going to the Mad Square Exhibition, and understanding better their inspiration, I can now appreciate.

 photo IMG_4277_zps9da60bc0.jpg

I was introduced to Yves Klein by my companion who has loved this piece since she was young.

 photo IMG_4300_zps1a126ee0.jpg

This piece by Bontecou intrigued both of us! I particularly loved the use of the third dimension. (And now that I’ve researched further, I think I should look further into this artist!)

 photo IMG_4311_zps5363e91a.jpg

As we were coming to an end, or topping out with our cultural experience, I found something I hadn’t considered would be here. I spotted my very first, in the flesh, not from a photograph or book … Lichtenstein.

 photo IMG_4324_zps95c0a4e9.jpg

It was vibrant. It was amazing. It was wonderful. I bought the postcard. It made my day!

I think I’ve grown as a person. I was impressed at myself with how much of the works and exhibitions now spoke to me, and evoked feelings. Granted sometimes my thoughts and feelings were still “why?”, but that’s still a response; right?

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