Happy Birthday! And some housekeeping.

My little blog is growing up! As I become affiliated with more sites, the readership keeps growing each week. It’s hard to believe that it began just 3 short years ago as my weekend wanderings around the Inner West of Sydney.

Happy Birthday little Ghoti Industries Blog!

 photo IMG_4336_zps7ccac8a6.jpg

In the intervening years I have travelled to Cairns, Christchurch, Paris, Prague, and we now live in Amsterdam in the Netherlands! And through the blog you have all come with me on these adventures.

I have made, and continue to make new friends. I have seen and been a part of things I hadn’t even previously thought of! I’m learning a new language, and learning all about how people do things in other parts of the world.

I’m so very lucky. And through it all, by my side, always encouraging me to go further is my wonderful husband. You all know him as “Himself”. Take a bow Good Sir! Goodness knows you deserve the recognition!

 photo IMG_0384_zps8723a9b1.jpg

Oops! He seems bit busy. We might just leave him there for the time being!

For those of you that don’t stop by this page all that often I’d like to point out some of the cool new pages I’ve recently added up the top there to make it easier to find things. There’s a page about being an expat, where you can find links to things I’ve learned, including the language courses I’ve done this year. There’s pages on various things we’ve done in Amsterdam, and in Sydney, just in case you need some inspiration for something to do. I also created a single page to make it easier to find our travel experiences from shorter trips, in case you’re interested.

In my “About” page I have also finally helped you all out with how to pronounce Ghoti! (Heads up; its pronounced “fish”.)

Over on the right hand side of the page you can now click through to the websites who feature my blog, and of course, my Society6 store where you can purchase my photography in several different media, whether that is as wall prints, greetings cards, or phone cases! I also now have a Zazzle store where you can help support your favourite traveling fish by purchasing mugs, totes, or playing cards with my sweet lovable logo on them. Show the world how much your fish means to you by using your very own Ghoti Industries mug at work! Or as you help rid the world of plastic bags!

But enough of me talking; here’s what you’ve all been waiting for, as promised … THE CATS!

 photo IMG_3606_zps846c0c11.jpg

Bonus Edgar!

 photo IMG_4215_zps55dc38e2.jpg

Here’s to many more future adventures, may we enjoy them together!

 photo IMG_4337_zps19975853.jpg

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday! And some housekeeping.

  1. Happy Birthday to your blog!!! and here’s hoping for many, many more years to come! I really enjoy reading and seeing your photos and one day, I’m going to be in one! 🙂

    Congrats on the dedication! Keep it up!

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