Katten Kabinet

Ok, so, I used to live around the corner from this place, and it’s taken me nearly two years to get in there, but I have finally gone in to the Katten Kabinet!

 photo IMG_9048_zps7e170677.jpg

This is the place you go when you want to have a look at how cats are represented in art …

 photo IMG_9060_zps86d4a8f7.jpg

… in culture …

 photo IMG_9062_zpsf847873e.jpg

… and in life. This guy is just ripe for the petting. And pet him I did. *nods*

 photo IMG_9050_zps487a4ce8.jpg

That cat is also the oldest feline resident, at the grand old age of 18.

There’s some cool stuff …

 photo IMG_9072_zps16afb014.jpg

… some weird stuff …

 photo IMG_9057_zpsf58ea0b2.jpg

… and you know, I’m not really sure …

 photo IMG_9069_zps02de4b6b.jpg

But when push comes to shove, it’s a wonderful way to have a gawp around an old canal house, and everything thing that it has to offer!

 photo IMG_9053_zps1bf19ce7.jpg

 photo IMG_9056_zps66764c84.jpg

I think these people may have cats on the brain!

 photo IMG_9074_zpsb50b1da4.jpg

This is the ballroom. Yes, a family still lives in this house. Just showing off their cats. How amazing is that?!?

Hey! That gives me an idea! Hey, Himself?!? May I ask you a question …?

6 thoughts on “Katten Kabinet

    1. You know those “discount cards” in the lobby of all the hotels? Yeah, I think I still have a handful from my first week in Amsterdam! 🙂 And they have some great ideas for places to go and things to see! Though I must admit, in this instance I went with Bon Minou! 😀 And she’d been before!

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