Handwerkbeurs Zwolle

A small group of us got together again this year to head out East to Zwolle and the Handwerkbeurs! This was a much anticipated, and yet slightly scary prospect given how much opportunity there is to fall under the spell of some magical yarn!

 photo IMG_9130_zps9f2b09d0.jpg

I must admit that I had been looking forward to going back to this Hand Craft Fair since I was introduced to it last year!

 photo IMG_9132_zps03e3aa34.jpg

It’s only on for four days so it is incredibly busy over the weekend and I was determined to go early for two reasons. One was to miss the crowds, and two was to catch up with family who live in the area.

 photo IMG_9137_zps9320b82e.jpg

This was on the quietest day of the program!

It also pays to get in and have first pick before all the good stuff has been snapped up. One of our group was already too late to get the third skein of a colourway she wanted and this was just on the first afternoon!

I love the inspiring diversity of what’s on offer in Zwolle. I was thinking last year that I might do one of the courses this year, and ended up not actually booking in again, but then hanging around the sidelines of the nuno felting class and gazing in wistfully.

 photo IMG_9138_zps10d0f5ad.jpg

There was an impressive array of needle work of all kinds; Cross stitch, tapestry, embroidery. Being me, I was taken in by the many beautiful examples of so many different types of lace work.

 photo IMG_9143_zps479a544c.jpg

Quilting has a massive presence as well, and it was very difficult to walk away from the rainbow of fat quarters that were on offer. Some of the examples hung on the walls were just works of art!

 photo IMG_9152_zpsdc66a952.jpg

Felt toy making and embroidery seemed to be this years big new fashion trend. I know personally from a few blogs I follow and read that it is very “in” and “now” and “hip” on the crafting scene. Hence there was a massive presence of felt …

 photo IMG_9150_zpsfb54c817.jpg

and examples and kits for everything that could be done with it.

 photo IMG_9158_zps90fac541.jpg

I think there were less big beautiful hand-dyed batts for spinning this year, partly because of this phenomenon. I have a feeling that spinning was losing out on that front to the felt toy making. But, swings and roundabouts. Who knows what will happen next year?

 photo IMG_9129_zps233a27b1.jpg

I made my pilgrimage to the two shops I have been talking about all year since I was introduced to them, and spent all my money (and then some more that was lent to me) at Bart and Francis, and Loret Karman.

I’m in heaven! And will post pictures of my beautiful purchases and talk about my plans for them in my next “Today’s Table” post. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Handwerkbeurs Zwolle

  1. It’s interesting to hear about the trends you noticed at the fair. I particularly love the quilt! Stunning and so colourful.

    It looks like an amazing place to visit, with so many beautiful crafty things. Did they sell needles and tools as well as the other raw materials?

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. So many pretty things that I know you will do wonderful things with. Makes me yearn for crafty times, I don’t make much time for it these days but I’m slowly trying to fix that. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been making. xx

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