Italy, Venice – Part 1

For those of you that guessed “Italy”, well done! Gold star for you! *applauds*

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We decided that it was high time we went and discovered something a little more South of us before Winter really set in. We narrowed it down to the three cities that we wanted to see most, and then proceeded to visit them from North to South and East to West. We began in Venice!

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Into the Woods

I have come to realise that I am now one of those people who talks about the weather incessantly. I’m sorry. However when the good days seem few and far between, you tend to celebrate when it’s good! And the weather has been just spectacular! So we did like Netherlanders and got on our bikes and headed out to the local woods.

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There we found a likely patch of grass next to a canal (of course!), and watched the passing traffic. Would you like to know more?

Amsterdam Light Festival

The days are stretching out, and the night is finally releasing its grip on the Northern Hemisphere. Before the light began to reclaim the skies, we took time out to see Amsterdam Light Festival before it finished for the season.

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There were so many beautiful sculptures and exhibits to take in. Would you like to know more?

Houseboat Museum

I have been meaning to go to the Houseboat Museum since I frist discovered there was one! Houseboats are so prevalent in Amsterdam and all over the Netherlands, that it’s a little hard to not wonder what they look like on the inside.

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All things considered, I’ve lived in smaller apartments. Would you like to know more?