Houseboat Museum

I have been meaning to go to the Houseboat Museum since I frist discovered there was one! Houseboats are so prevalent in Amsterdam and all over the Netherlands, that it’s a little hard to not wonder what they look like on the inside.

 photo IMG_5122_zps2f1a4671.jpg

All things considered, I’ve lived in smaller apartments.

 photo IMG_5093_zpsf39a02fc.jpg

And it certainly fit more people than places I’ve lived in!

 photo IMG_5110_zps922e6562.jpg

Though I think I had a bigger kitchen …

 photo IMG_5112_zpse40aadfe.jpg

… wardrobe …

 photo IMG_5111_zpsd52a4b34.jpg

… and bedroom. There’s another sleeping space opposite this one.

 photo IMG_5115_zpse1d84184.jpg

There was interesting information regarding what it actually costs you to own and live in a house boat. You need to not only pay for the house, and then council rates, but also rent the mooring where you’re berthed.

 photo IMG_5095_zps324a72b0.jpg

I think renting one would be a great experience …

 photo IMG_5098_zpsf2508377.jpg

… though I wouldn’t want to own one.

 photo IMG_5092_zps2daefbf1.jpg

 photo IMG_5100_zpscde5c171.jpg

Not a bad little museum if you’d like to get a feel for how house boats work and how they’re built. And right in the Negenstraatjes means that it’s a convenient place to get to when exploring Amsterdam.

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