Cold Weather Food

You know that the cold weather is here to stay when the local supermarket suddenly has ready made stamppot, in all it’s various flavours.

 photo IMG_5091_zps33668ec2.jpg

Perhaps not my favourite dish. But feel free to pass the bitterbollen with extra mustard!

 photo IMG_3507_zps2c1026ef.jpg

What’s your favourite cold weather food?

6 thoughts on “Cold Weather Food

  1. It has to be cornbeef and mustard sauce, mashed potatoes, carrots & runner beans – really, really yummy …………….

  2. I love soup and stews when the weather gets cold. Warms you up from the inside! I got to love pea soup when I lived in Holland. And stamppots can be really good, especially when you make them freshly yourself. I like them with kale and bratwurst and bacon.

  3. Cold weather food? Hmmmmm fondue, raclette, soup of any kind but especially the father-in-law’s curried pumpkin soup, molochea with rabbit… om nom nom! So much to eat!

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