Fellini Exhibition

It was the last week of the Fellini Exhibition which was on as a part of the Eye program for September. Himself and I had been talking about going to this since we saw the very first posters, and we knew that if we didn’t act fast we would run out of time.

 photo IMG_5030_zpsaf963bc6.jpg

It was a wonderful exhibition of Fellini’s life work. Not set out chronologically, but within the themes and obsessions that ran through his life, his childhood, and the films he made.

 photo IMG_5066_zpsb9cc086e.jpg

Being a good Italian boy he had a fair bit to say about the Catholic Church. It wasn’t necessarily entirely complimentary either. There was a good commentary about how media in all its forms can obscure a persons outlook.

 photo IMG_5038_zpsa808d39c.jpg

When Fellini moved to Rome and lived in a family boarding house he became accustomed to watching the give and take both at family meal times and at the local trattoria. These spectacles inspired scenes in his film Fellini’s Roma 1972.

 photo IMG_5052_zpseca2feca.jpg

Before each new shoot, Fellini would write in to the newspapers saying “Fellini is ready to meet all those who wish to see him”, and basically Rome would show up on his doorstep. But from the multitudes he would pick his faces, and build his stories.

 photo IMG_5061_zps9d28c091.jpg

They make up the world according to Fellini, halfway between Carnival and Squalor. When put together they form the great parade, the “Fellini Circus”.

 photo IMG_5042_zps9375bb7d.jpg

It was through his early work before films that he met his wife and life long muse Giulietta Masina. He had been writing scripts for radio dramas and hired her upon seeing her photograph.

 photo IMG_5080_zps48a0f473.jpg

One of the strongest theme which comes through loud and clear in all of Fellini’s work, is how much he loves women. He loved them in every incarnation you can think of. As virgins, mothers, sex symbols, and prostitutes.

 photo IMG_5079_zpsde08ad95.jpg

It is interesting to note just how often Fellini’s movies are a reflection of his dreams, his desires, his obsessions; and how often he would depict himself as Marcello Mastroianni.

As always, the Eye is an amazing place to go and spend time. As an added bonus, when you’re done you can always take in a film from the multitude they have playing.

 photo IMG_5082_zps8f296d3d.jpg

In this instance though, we opted instead to purchase a DVD in the gift shop and head home to watch it in comfort with our kitties.

 photo IMG_5027_zps001d0c97.jpg

In part because this is how the weather was treating us! For the curious, the movie we purchased was Rear Window 1954. In part because (without the murder) it sometimes feels a little like this community when we sit out on our balcony.

Did you have a wonderful weekend too? Who have you recently learned more about?

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