Utrecht – Part 2

We had a purpose to our trip to Utrecht. Though I’m sure often it must seem that we just randomly go places and see what will happen when we get there (and sometimes this is exactly what we do), I also wanted to be able to achieve my purpose today. So I was on a mission to go to the Nijntje Museum.

 photo IMG_4631_zps978e0e9a.jpg

Nijntje (or Miffy as most of the rest of the world knows her) is the brain child of one Dick Bruna, and as part of the Centraal Museum, you can visit his house and see how his design process works! Would you like to know more?

Utrecht – Part 1

Some days you just have to get on a train, ride for twenty minutes, and end up in a different city altogether. The city we ended up in was Utrecht.

 photo IMG_4549_zps7fc616f3.jpg

She’s a bit like Amsterdam’s older, smaller, quainter (is so a word!) … sister. Would you like to know more?

Canal Cruise

2013 is the year in which Amsterdam celebrates 400 years of the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Canal District. In order to help celebrate, we went on a canal cruise!

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The famous canal rings were established in the Dutch Golden Age. The three main canals being the Herengracht, Prinsengracht, and Keizersgracht. Would you like to know more?

Summer in Amsterdam

It’s easy to tell when it’s Summer in Amsterdam. Suddenly the populace is out in force in their boats on the canals.

 photo IMG_4196_zps2e316895.jpg

It is the perfect opportunity to sit in one of the many canal-side cafes and watch the state of relaxation drifting past. Would you like to know more?

The Amsterdam Museum

Saturday was National Windmill Day. In order to appropriately celebrate this day we were going to get on our bikes and tour some of the eight windmills that are in the city limits of Amsterdam. As we had already been to the one that is open to the public, all the others were in our sights. As the day dawned like many typical Amsterdam days, cold and raining, we soon decided “Sod that for a game of soldiers”, and I took Himself off to the Museum instead.

 photo IMG_3440_zps109b8e24.jpg

Would you like to know more?