Kaeskoppenstad – 16th Century Alkmaar

We’ve been to Alkmaar! It was a wonderful opportunity last weekend to go and see what it was like to live in Alkmaar in the 16th Century.

 photo IMG_2134_zpsqbnkjcww.jpg

The old centre of town was blocked off to traffic and the roads closed with locals dressed up in period costumes. Would you like to know more?

The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is open to the public again, and before we have a slew of guests come to visit I thought it might be nice to be able to speak authoritatively on how it looks after the refurbishment.

 photo IMG_3962_zps98d2495d.jpg

It is absolutely stunning! An amazing and wonderful world class Museum! The entry hall is a huge open atrium like the Louvre, and crowd management was excellent! Would you like to know more?

The Amsterdam Museum

Saturday was National Windmill Day. In order to appropriately celebrate this day we were going to get on our bikes and tour some of the eight windmills that are in the city limits of Amsterdam. As we had already been to the one that is open to the public, all the others were in our sights. As the day dawned like many typical Amsterdam days, cold and raining, we soon decided “Sod that for a game of soldiers”, and I took Himself off to the Museum instead.

 photo IMG_3440_zps109b8e24.jpg

Would you like to know more?

Amsterdam Museum, Freezing Canals, National Radio, Australia Day

It has been a huge week out here on the canals Ladies and Gentlemen! A HUGE week!

We managed to have the plumber here a total of four times before the sink in the kitchen was finally draining, we’ve been to see a legal aid about a previous landlord, there’s been knit nights, language lessons, and homework! None of which got photographed!

What I did take photos of was Amsterdams Historic Museum when I went.


It was a wonderful glimpse into the history of a great city, and all it has contributed to the global village.


Of course, dead things in jars never go astray either.


As promised, they have stopped water traffic on the Herrengracht in order to facilitate it icing over. We may yet get to skate on a canal!


Though, to be fair, you can already skate on the pond in VondelPark! I love the swirls that have been captured in the ice flow!


I was invited to go and see AWOLNATION performing a live gig at the National Radio Station. Which was an awesome experience!


We all sat around in a studio that was set up like a bar, had a few beers, and watched the show being recorded to playback on Saturday. Good band too! I need to look up more of their work.


The canals around home have been taking on their own stark beauty. I could sit and watch the ice flowing for hours if I were sufficiently rugged up!


Australia day dawned overcast and grey. There was snow at one point, topping up the fall we’d had a week earlier, and we’d been invited to a BBQ. There were snags, there was cricket on the TV,


and our gracious hosts just got engaged!


There was much to celebrate.

For those of you in Australia, I hope you’re staying out of the heat, away from the fires, and if you’re in Queensland, on high ground and out of the flood waters. Stay safe!

We’ve got a warm week ahead of us with rain and highs of 8C. Perfect conditions to create us some black ice! I think I’ll buy cleats for my shoes …