Kaeskoppenstad – 16th Century Alkmaar

We’ve been to Alkmaar! It was a wonderful opportunity last weekend to go and see what it was like to live in Alkmaar in the 16th Century.

 photo IMG_2134_zpsqbnkjcww.jpg

The old centre of town was blocked off to traffic and the roads closed with locals dressed up in period costumes. Would you like to know more?


I’ve been adventuring again! I headed up North to spend a day in Alkmaar with a friend.

 photo IMG_2383_zps1d916cf6.jpg

This beautiful old city (what city have I shown you yet from the Netherlands is that isn’t entirely picturesque?) was first recorded as a settlement in the 9th Century and then granted city rights in 1254. (source) Would you like to know more?