I’ve been adventuring again! I headed up North to spend a day in Alkmaar with a friend.

 photo IMG_2383_zps1d916cf6.jpg

This beautiful old city (what city have I shown you yet from the Netherlands is that isn’t entirely picturesque?) was first recorded as a settlement in the 9th Century and then granted city rights in 1254. (source)

 photo IMG_2388_zps7accc730.jpg

The region consists of some of the oldest polders in existence, with the first recorded drainage of a nearby lake by windmill in 1532. (source)

 photo IMG_2392_zps36af3eb3.jpg

I love the house over on the left, which is confused and thinks it’s in Venice!

 photo IMG_2398_zpse8be1629.jpg

This massive structure is the Weighing house, and on the square next to it is where in the Summer months thousands of tourists flock every year to see the Cheese Market, played out just as it has been for hundreds of years.

 photo IMG_2397_zps12f34ddd.jpg

Legend tells of this house being attacked during the Spanish Siege of 1573. You can see the cannon ball that went through one of the walls up on the top left. It is said that it rolled harmlessly in and landed at the feet of the daughter of the house.

 photo IMG_2402_zpsdbc75f98.jpg

We decided that the best way to see a city full of canals was by water, and so we jumped on a canal cruise.

 photo IMG_2433_zps1dc85190.jpg

Water levels must have been high this day because we did this a lot!

 photo IMG_2436_zpsc4c7ab4c.jpg

It was a really lovely day out, and after the last few weeks, just what I needed!

 photo IMG_2469_zpsebbaad21.jpg

I’m sorry I haven’t been around much, there hasn’t been much to tell! I’ll work on it for next week, I swear!

What have you been up to?

3 thoughts on “Alkmaar

  1. Cheese market? Did someone say cheese market? *scurries off to add Alkmaar to the “must see” list*

    Glad to read about your adventure and looking forward to reading more! (Please tell me you own the blogging totebag?)

  2. I’ve got some friends visiting next month. This looks like a trip I should recommend! I love the stairway in the second photo. It has the “bacon” brickwork style similar to the Pope’s House here in Utrecht.

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