The Amsterdam Museum

Saturday was National Windmill Day. In order to appropriately celebrate this day we were going to get on our bikes and tour some of the eight windmills that are in the city limits of Amsterdam. As we had already been to the one that is open to the public, all the others were in our sights. As the day dawned like many typical Amsterdam days, cold and raining, we soon decided “Sod that for a game of soldiers”, and I took Himself off to the Museum instead.

 photo IMG_3440_zps109b8e24.jpg

Set in the cobbled alleys of the Amsterdam Centrum, the Museum is a wealth of history.

 photo IMG_3459_zpsbe3406ae.jpg

The DNA exhibition details the timeline of Amsterdam; from it’s humble beginnings, though the Alteration (when the Protestants displaced the Catholic rulers) …

 photo IMG_3451_zps3a96c020.jpg

… through French and Napoleonic occupation …

 photo IMG_3466_zpsdbe47648.jpg

… and the expansion of the city and the formation of the iconic (and World Heritage Listed) canal system.

 photo IMG_3486_zpsb8276527.jpg

There were displays of some of the most amazing and detailed work, as during the Golden age all the master craftsmen flocked to Amsterdam.

 photo IMG_3494_zps389d5c32.jpg

It was a major hub of industry and international trade. Where everything and anything could be obtained from all over the world.

 photo IMG_3493_zpsd91427db.jpg

And here is a room full of dead fish to prove that.

 photo IMG_3509_zps4d02042d.jpg

Actually, I’m not sure what the fish were proving, but you can smell them from two rooms away in any direction. *gag*

With such a focus on progress, and all manor of people flocking to Amsterdam, they were also at the forefront of the Sciences.

 photo IMG_3520_zpsa64fccc8.jpg

Though they still had capital punishment until 1983 … These “Blood ties” were worn over the left shoulder when pronouncing a death sentence.

 photo IMG_3547_zps0411f096.jpg

I still have yet to see all of this Museum. There is so much to take in! I guess I’ll just have to go back!

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