Street Art

Amsterdam has some wonderful street art.

 photo IMG_3321_zps30225c5f.jpg

While I was walking around the other day I came upon a street that had a gallery full of wonderful pieces, and I thought I’d share some of them with you.

 photo IMG_3322_zpsa79c243c.jpg

 photo IMG_3325_zpsfe9c60ee.jpg

I really like the way the collection takes what could have been a dull and very industrial street, and turns it into a gallery of pieces which add colour and movement, drawing your eyes down the street from one piece to the next.

 photo IMG_3326_zps10df0a75.jpg

 photo IMG_3327_zps02d81c5e.jpg

I really enjoyed them and how they brightened my day!

 photo IMG_3329_zpse96b3140.jpg

 photo IMG_3330_zps001bcc07.jpg

There is a real talent to being able to spray paint with finesse.

 photo IMG_3320_zpse055fd4a.jpg

I hope your day is full of colourful surprises too!

4 thoughts on “Street Art

  1. Great post and interesting examples of street art. I love the Ronald McDonald one, but my favourite is probably the panther. Amazing what can be done with spray paint.

    Is there a lot of street art spread throughout the cities? Or is it restricted to the industrial centers, with only smaller examples in the rest of the city? How does the quantity compare with where you lived before? Or do you think you notice it more as you’re looking at a new(er) city?

    1. There are bits and pieces throughout Amterdam, predominantly on newer buildings, which in Amsterdam isn’t that many. 🙂

      Sydney was pretty similar. It’s in patches rather than all over.

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