Kings Day 2015

Another Koningsdag, another day to dress in orange and join our fellow Netherlanders in celebration of Our King’s Birthday!

 photo IMG_6681_zpsjkvm4qwn.jpg

Not only does all of Amsterdam hit the streets, but they train people in from all over the country to join in the celebration.

 photo IMG_6693_zpsfzkinlp8.jpg

We headed over to our friends house where they were having a street stall, and hung out with them for a while. (They really have garage sale-ing down pat!)

 photo IMG_6695_zpsrvlreoy1.jpg

After having hung out, socialised, and been fed some wine spritzers, we braved our way through the hordes into the centre of town.

 photo IMG_6698_zps2nzp6zia.jpg

There is so much to see while walking the streets on Kings Day.

 photo IMG_6708_zpsdnnxmjsk.jpg

And not all of it is on the streets! The canals are just as intriguing to sit and watch for hours.

 photo IMG_6711_zpsqlnopiqx.jpg

It’s quite hard to portray in photographs what it’s like to walk Amsterdam on Kings Day.

 photo IMG_6715_zpsbwaj2fls.jpg

The density of people, the sights, sounds, and smells of a populace celebrating.

 photo IMG_6717_zpsknvfjihf.jpg

I’m amazed and grateful every year at how well behaved everyone is! All anyone is interested in is having a good time and celebrating.

 photo IMG_6721_zpsyrmqbqpe.jpg

After being out for several hours walking through the crowds, and then home through Vondel Park we finally came home and had a nap.

 photo IMG_6733_zps5h7aplwf.jpg

We finished our day with home-made hamburgers and a glass of wine each. Not a bad way to celebrate a birthday. Hope it was wonderful Koning Willem-Alexander!

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