Keukenhof 2015

Spring has sprung, the weather is finally starting to warm up and I can wear less layers and be comfortable walking down the street. We decided to take some time out of our hectic schedules to revel in the wether and the season and head out on our annual visit to Keukenhof!

 photo IMG_0043_zpsjzmcw8ba.jpg

It was just as magical and stunning as it always is.

 photo IMG_0064_zpsqus96lis.jpg

After managing to be there a little late the first year, and then a littler early due to paranoia on the second visit, this year we think we nailed it just right!

 photo IMG_0080_zpsfxniphwk.jpg

We saw a little bit of everything! There were crocuses, and hyacinths, but there were also plenty of tulips to see and admire!

 photo IMG_0100_zpsumfagiau.jpg

Flower beds! Get it!!! Well, I find it amusing! The colours are all so vibrant and inundating, it’s almost as if it can’t be real!

 photo IMG_0118_zpsxppbesca.jpg

Of course there are other things to tantalise as well, and a trip to Keukenhof wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the windmill. On a lawn nearby here they were running a yoga class for anyone who wished to participate!

 photo IMG_0103_zps5z99bkzn.jpg

We stopped in to see the petting zoo and talk with the animals. We didn’t go in this year as we thought we should probably leave most of the petting to the kids, but this goat was over by the fence making a valiant attempt at eating his way through the enclosure!

 photo IMG_0139_zpsihk0vicx.jpg

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of going to see the profusion of bulb flowers each year.

 photo IMG_0158_zpsyagpzg89.jpg

The one thing we may have been slightly too early for was to see the portrait of Van Gogh in all it’s blooming glory. But you can’t have everything, and we saw the flowers just beginning to push their way through.

 photo IMG_0166_zpsnbpalynp.jpg

It was a wonderful day out and about reveling in all the wonders Spring has to offer after a long and cold Winter.

 photo IMG_0172_zpsoljtq0ct.jpg

What have you been doing recently to celebrate the season?

One thought on “Keukenhof 2015

  1. The photos look lovely and it seems your timing was just right (though it’s a shame to miss the Van Gogh flower portrait). I wonder if the goat made any further progress on actuating his escape plan? 🙂

    I’m glad you explained the flower beds, as I’m evidently not quite with it this morning and was turning my head this way and that, trying to understand what the frames were for 😀

    I’m celebrating the season by shedding a few layers and trying to sit in the sun on every possible occasion (not much luck the past week and a bit because we’ve had rain rain and more rain, but hopefully the sun will be back soon!).

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