2018 in Review

As I often do at this time of year, I take some time to go back through all the photos I have taken and assess everything I’ve done and achieved. On a daily basis it can feel like I haven’t done much, or I’m just treading water. But the overview shows my just how full my life really is. Some of these pictures you may have seen before, I ask for your patience!

January – was full of making. I got back into my love affair with miniatures by putting together a tiny library that James bought me, and then played with water colours using the new paints I’d received for Christmas. There was a trip with a friend to the Rijksmuseum, and on a separate trip to the Maritime Museum. We also went to our first concert of the year; Depeche Mode!

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M’era Luna Festival 2016

Hi Everyone!

I thought I’d do something a little bit different today, and to showcase our weekend away at M’era Luna, I’ve made a video montage of some of my footage!

Be kind! Remember I’m still learning!


We have a motorbike. We live on Continental Europe. It is Summer. We have access to Autobahns. All of this must reach only one conclusion. We leather up, straddle the beast, and head East! Before we leave the Netherlands though, I’d like to draw your attention to not only how flat the Netherlands is, but how there is enough water that they don’t bother with fencing in the fields. They just dig more canals.

 photo IMG_7247_zps7eduoyxd.jpg

This is our “where the hell are we?” photo. The Utrecht ring road confounds Himself. Would you like to know more?