Sydney – Part 2

Of course, Sydney is a remarkably large place to get around when you have a lot to see, and not much time to see it in, so we gave in and rented a car for a day. And where would we go with wheels under our butts? Yep, we went up the hills to check out how much has changed up there since we moved out, back in … years ago.

 photo IMG_0433_zps4899f02c.jpg

Of course, some things never change.

Pukeko spent some time negotiating with the Big Bad Banksia Men on behalf of the Gumnut Babies. There has been no word yet on the outcome of these talks, but we are cautiously optimistic!

 photo IMG_0442_zpsd5881062.jpg

Once negotiations were complete Pukeko had lots of fun walking the trails and sniffing the flowers to calm his nerves

 photo IMG_0451_zpsd2e96f33.jpg

After a quick jaunt around the Victory Theatre Antique Centre …

 photo IMG_0482_zps25ed6bc5.jpg

We nipped over to the other side of the plateau to see the Megalong Valley …

 photo IMG_0512_zps23d2b8d5.jpg

… before continuing on our journey back down the hill, catching up with friends along the way. I really would have liked to see more friends, and seen them for longer, but there wasn’t much we could do about it in the end. 😦

Back in town the next day, car disposed of (must hide the evidence), and it was off to meet up with more friends for lunch!

 photo IMG_0538_zps64872fc9.jpg

Angel Place has this amazing art work up in it at the moment, The cages tweet at you with the calls of the birds who no longer inhabit the area thanks to European occupation pushing them out of their natural habitat.

Onwards to Pitt St Mall.

 photo IMG_0547_zpsd32c3a20.jpg

I was so good about not buying every little thing that I thought was awesome/amazing! I managed to walk out of Smiggle, Peter Alexander, Kiki. K, Witner …

 photo IMG_0556_zpse5c5f0c1.jpg

I even walked through Morris Craft and Lincraft without buying anything!

Though I will admit that I had a basket full of yarn in Lincraft before wondering how I was going to fit it all in the suitcase and then put it all back before walking out!

In more recent news … Happy Birthday Dad!!! I’ll be on Skype later to speak with you! *massive hugs*

3 thoughts on “Sydney – Part 2

  1. Happy birthday to your dad!

    I love the bird cage exhibit! A clever and interesting idea, and it looks so neat!

    (What were your impressions of the hoddie in the last picture? I’m a bit less than enamoured of the bobbly bits poking out here and there, but it still looks neat. And the colour is so springy!)

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