Australia – Sydney

Sydney! And George St! It was grand to be visiting again!

 photo IMG_0265_zps33a186ba.jpg

You know, after a couple of years on the continent, the buildings all look remarkably tall! *gapes*

But there wasn’t time to wonder for long! We were on a mission which involved getting on the Manly Ferry! Good views from there too …

 photo IMG_0279_zps5146c680.jpg

Pristine beaches when you get off at the other side too! (Note to self – seek out a local beach when you get home!)

 photo IMG_0304_zps6b5d41e5.jpg

But it was the Aquarium we were headed for! Where Pukeko made a new friend!

 photo IMG_0345_zps8cb5ea14.jpg

Her name is Sea Biscuit, and she was rescued by the aquarium when she was just a tiny hatchling, back in 2009.

Himself made a new friend too.

 photo IMG_2668_zps2ca50fdd.jpg

And I made a couple as well.

 photo IMG_2664_zps7d1a41c9.jpg

Strangely, I forget their names.

I had never scuba’d before, and it’s quite the experiment when you tell the instructor that you’re freaking out about breathing under water, and she tells you that you’ll be fine once you get underwater. In the tank. With the sharks.

But you know what? She was right!

And just to calm some of our more easily excitable viewers who are joining us from their living rooms, these were nine grey nurse sharks. The largest was 3.5 meters. And though they are cousins of the Great White, they are a relatively placid and slow-moving shark with no confirmed human fatalities. (source)

But before we knew it we were back on the return ferry, wishing desperately that we’d not been so nervous to skip lunch, back into town!

 photo IMG_0393_zpsc1ccde2e.jpg

For it was time for catch ups with old friends!

 photo IMG_0405_zps62434467.jpg

World travel may come and go, but friends are friends and need visits, and hugs, and cocktails too!

4 thoughts on “Australia – Sydney

  1. Such an amazing experience! Glad you were able to take the plunge (sorry, bad pun) and have this adventure 🙂

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