Sydney – Part 3

One of the most beautiful places that you can go while in Sydney is of course the Queen Victoria Building.

 photo IMG_0577_zps7c84b8ab.jpg

While Himself spent a day in the office, I was free to wander around town doing whatever I saw fit. So I pottered around in here for a while, catching up with some of my favourite shops and seeing what was on offer.

 photo IMG_0575_zps17f63134.jpg

The view from Hobby Co isn’t too bad either!

 photo IMG_0603_zps519e2379.jpg

It was interesting for me to discover that apparently what I’ve been missing in the last two years, what I spent money on while wandering idly, was cutesy Japanese stationery! And of course, Kinokuniya came to my rescue most admirably!

 photo IMG_0620_zpsda016930.jpg

Once Himself had caught up with everyone in the office for the day, and the working day was coming to a close, we headed off to dinner with another group of friends. This time we headed back through one of our old haunts.

 photo IMG_0625_zps69b1f279.jpg

And back to one of our favourite restaurants that I have written about previously; Rubyos. The food and service are still amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

 photo IMG_0631_zps0393097b.jpg

Newtown and King St are still the same too.

 photo IMG_0639_zpscd047665.jpg

The next day was shopping up and down Norton St for all the essentials we wanted to bring home with us. So we went to all the important places, like Target. But there were some exciting stops too, like JB Hifi!

 photo IMG_0678_zpsc9e8bc3e.jpg

And Coles, where, though we did buy a massive amount of processed sugar to bring home, we didn’t buy Kanga. We just pined a little that it used to be so readily available in our diet.

 photo IMG_0662_zps8ea37036.jpg

This last pic I took while shopping around Leichhardt is for all the Cloggies out there. I had to get used to how inexpensive flowers can be. Because this is what I was used to.

 photo IMG_0680_zpsb97fca52.jpg

Yep. You read those price tags right.

3 thoughts on “Sydney – Part 3

  1. *boggles at the cost of flowers, does the conversion* that’s…incredible.

    I like the “No Stairway” sign next to the guitar. Nice. 🙂

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