Touching Base

I find that I have a compelling urge to do things that remind me of my past life in Sydney when I’m there. This trip one of the (many) things I was compelled to do was Wildlife World.

 photo IMG_1214_zpsm0ioc4ot.jpg

I have a lot of fun running around inside this small zoo in the centre of Darling Harbour, and this trip I was lucky enough to be able to share it with my brother and his kids. Would you like to know more?

Sydney – Part 3

One of the most beautiful places that you can go while in Sydney is of course the Queen Victoria Building.

 photo IMG_0577_zps7c84b8ab.jpg

While Himself spent a day in the office, I was free to wander around town doing whatever I saw fit. So I pottered around in here for a while, catching up with some of my favourite shops and seeing what was on offer. Would you like to know more?