Handwerkbeurs 2015

The annual pilgrimage to the hand craft fair in Zwolle was last week. As has come to be expected, it maintained its reputation for being a crafter’s dream come true!

 photo IMG_6524_zpsf335b8f6.jpg

Upon entrance we stampeded our way directly to the ever popular, all time favourite; Bart & Francis. Not only to pore over their amazing selection of fibres, but I wanted to show off a project to them which I had made from their gorgeous yarn. (The details of which you will see in a coming post later this week!) Before you ask, yes I did buy more of their spectacular silk. If you had handled it yourself, you wouldn’t ask that question!

As it is a general hand craft fair, not just yarn, there was a preponderance of quilting supplies this year.

 photo IMG_6528_zps69443e09.jpg

This is by no means a bad thing, I just have yet, so far, been able to resist their siren song. (Go me!) But the pull was strong.

 photo IMG_6529_zps5e88fbd7.jpg

Partly because I have yet to be interested in quilting, I have also yet to find any other projects to make with all the gorgeous fabrics. I have gotten quite good at refining my ability to _not_ purchase everything that I find desirable. (Go me again!)

 photo IMG_6531_zps02db5e52.jpg

The group that I was traveling with has many and varied talents and interests, and though there was another spinner like myself, there was also a weaver! She had more luck with her hobby than we did with ours this year!

 photo IMG_6536_zps33ba6c14.jpg

The wonderful lady with her spectacular beaded purses was there again this year. I was lucky enough to chat with her a bit this year, and confirm that she makes her purses via the same method as the beaded purses in the Tassenmuseum; she strings all the beads onto the yarn in pattern first, then they bags are knitted. I promised I wouldn’t put any photos of her work online but here is her website.

For another year I have fallen in love with the beautiful felted blossom lampshades that adorn a couple of the stalls. If I could just think of a use for them in my life, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase them.

 photo IMG_6556_zpsdab3d50e.jpg

This year, I also added to my list of “one-day-when-I-have-a-purpose” these wonderful paper flowers made from paper yarn. As Himself has said, we just need to come up with a photo shoot that requires them!

 photo IMG_6578_zpsa7ee41ac.jpg

Cross stitches and tapestry also had a really heavy presence this year. They had some truly breath-taking designs on display. I do love a good cross stitch. It’s just not something that holds my attention when the elements are in front of me and they require being put together.

 photo IMG_6558_zps0af6987a.jpg

What does hold my interest, and I have a long running fascination with, is bobbin lace.

 photo IMG_6584_zps9c22923b.jpg

There are a couple of things which hold me back from this particular art form. First is the set up cost. Possibly if a had a friendly wood turner in my pocket it might be a different story! Second, is the lack of portability, though I guess you could say similar about spinning. And third would currently be my lack of ability to leave this out over night! *side-eyes the currently sleeping cats* Then again, if I had been driven enough, none of those things has stopped me previously, so there you go.

What have you been up to that indulges your creative side recently? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

I hope to see you all again at my next post to hear about what I’ve been making recently, stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Handwerkbeurs 2015

  1. Quite clearly the Siren song is not being played loud enough nor with the right crescendo, and shame on you for not being of sufficient foresight to find other projects for such amazing fabrics – not trying hard enough. Clearly not trying hard enough with the blossom lampshades – they could adorn your market stall when selling your wares, and same goes for the paper flowers. Cross stitches now there is a reason to be there, though as my girl would say “and which wall are you going to hang that on?” A good wood turner eh, well I knew someone who was giving it a go but has since got side tracked with a young and expanding family – so no joy there. Creativity has been confined to the gathering of ideas for future implementation – some more longer term but a few in the short term – but even those may be put on hold for the intended building works.

    1. I don’t need to take up patchwork or quilting! 😛 But I am looking into soft toys, teddies, and dolls again for the first time in a few years …

      Market stall? I’m having a market stall?

      Ahh the cross stitches. I got some close ups of those, and I wasn’t sure if the pics were for you or me! 😉 How’s that kit I got you coming along?

      If you do know a wood turner, I could use some more bobbins for the spinning wheel! 😀

      1. Market Stall – Why not – it would suit you. Bobbins – more detail required there – I don’t know enough here – sizes etc, critical dimensions??

      2. Bobbins sized for a Kromski Sonata. I’m sure there’ll be details on line somewhere, but if not we’ll converse later. (Because if it’s who I think it is, he totally does have his hands full!) 😉

  2. The bobbin lace is intriguing, but trying to do something like that while living with cats would indeed put it beyond the realm of possibility for me. I’ll just sit here and admire the beautiful things produced 😀

    So many lovely things. The colours are my favourite part and it sounds like it was so much fun to explore, talk to vendors and creators, and pet the skeins. I’ve hesitated to do quilting for the moment, but the quilters in my life would love to explore such a space. And as I’m still hunting for the right Aida cloth for a couple projects, I’m jealous of the cross-stitching display, too. So much fun stuff. 🙂

    The most creative endeavour for me of late is the pair of socks I’m working on and some baking. The former was more fruitful than the latter, but I’ve only made some progress across the foot heading towards the heel, so it’s not as though I have much to show for my time yet…

    1. I love bobbin lace. Almost as much as I love needle lace! And I will get there, I have books and everything! 🙂 Stangely, the cats have paid no interest whatsoever in the spinning. I think it’s because I pack it up tightly and don’t leave anything “out” for them to play with.

      The rainbow of colours is how they get you to buy all the gorgeous fibres! They look so beautiful all set up in the fairs on the tables … What kind of Aida do you need? I know where I can get some here if it would help?

  3. The cat generally leaved my knitting alone, aside from occasionally, half-heartedly, batting at the yarn or trying to sit on a skein. Thankfully, so far, the biggest risk is someone will erp on or sit and shed on my project when I’m not around.

    I have two cross-stitch projects planned for gifts, both of which were written several years ago and suggest non-standard coloured Aida cloth that is now difficult or nigh-impossible to locate. So I’m trying to look at some online vendors to find comparable or appropriate Aida cloth so I can get started. I will PM you the details in case you can help me source what I need. Thank you for the offer! 😀

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