Extra Long Weekend

But first! A new Catsle arrived at The Ranch last week! The old one had a serious lean to it!



Putting them together is always an experience!


I know it’s taken me all week to update but my nephew gave me the lurgy via his grandmother last weekend! 😛 Aside from the passing of bugs, much good food was consumed, and shops explored. This concoction is called a Dragon’s Breath.


A shot of espresso onto chocolate with chilli infused sugar syrup!


As we head into the long weekend, many of us will be travelling to see friends and relatives in a celebratory frame of mind. Please remember to drive safely, drink responsibly, and tell your loved ones how much you love them.

Be safe. Be well.

4 thoughts on “Extra Long Weekend

  1. Such lucky cats, to have such a lovely castle. Glad I opened this here, where there are no cats peering over my shoulder to see and feel jealous 😉

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