Quiet week

Hi everyone. I’m sorry for the radio silence after last Friday’s post. I guess what happened was inevitable. Once we moved and things got a little bit quieter for the first time in months, we both came down with some vicious head colds. I’m still trying to throw off a horrendous lung crunching cough. At least you can’t catch it through the internet!

We did take a little time out to head into town last Tuesday though (where I coughed and snotted all over everyone I met. I’m sure they were very grateful!)


It was on this excursion that for the first time I saw the cranes dredging the canals. It was quite mesmerising for a couple of minutes. I have yet to find a crane with a magnet hauling up all the bicycles that get dumped in the canals each day though!


In a final piece of news for this week, and it has taken me a week to get around to posting this, Himself got a delivery in the post recently that wasn’t entirely expected!


Knowing a Master Roaster as we do, it was wonderful to receive a birthday surprise of some of his wares in the post. We have been making good use of it too! It’s nice to be loved. 🙂

See you all after the weekend when hopefully things will have returned to normal!