I’m in the middle of this project, and I was running out of one of the yarns I needed to finish the project. So, at the beginning of an exciting week, I headed out on the train for a day trip to Enkhuizen.

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Enkhuizen is a beautiful and picturesque little town about an hour out of Amsterdam by train. Would you like to know more?

Willet-Holthuysen House

Museum Willet-Holthuysen was originally built as a family residence in 1685-1690. It is located on the beautiful Herengracht (Gentlemans Canal) near the Amstel River, a highly coveted address, and is two property frontages wide.

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In a city where property taxes were charged based on the house frontage, this gives you some indication of the wealth of the families who have resided here over the years.

Upon their passing the last owners of the residence, Abraham and Louisa, left the house and it’s large and valuable art collection to the city of Amsterdam. In 1895 it became a museum and a valuable insight into days gone by. Would you like to know more?

Handwerkbeurs Zwolle

A small group of us got together again this year to head out East to Zwolle and the Handwerkbeurs! This was a much anticipated, and yet slightly scary prospect given how much opportunity there is to fall under the spell of some magical yarn!

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I must admit that I had been looking forward to going back to this Hand Craft Fair since I was introduced to it last year! Would you like to know more?

Amsterdam Light Festival

The days are stretching out, and the night is finally releasing its grip on the Northern Hemisphere. Before the light began to reclaim the skies, we took time out to see Amsterdam Light Festival before it finished for the season.

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There were so many beautiful sculptures and exhibits to take in. Would you like to know more?