An exciting life

So much has been going on in our happy little household over the past week!

I’ll begin by letting you know that the Raffle has been extended at the request of Toni the organiser in order to let anyone who missed out on the Auction bidding to still have a chance on some of the Raffles. So the Raffle has been extended to midday Wednesday!


A little closer to home the routine for the year has been settling in, and I now walk home from work 3 nights a week, and go running 3 mornings a week. On the day off we head to Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym.


The most uncomfortable shoes I own …

We also managed a trip to the Art Gallery on Wednesday, thanks to their amazing Art After Hours program. It’s such a calming and inspirational place.


Often a little random too!

I have been knitting up a storm and finishing off some hats to match gloves that I made in previous years.


Nothing I can wear yet in the heat, but fun little projects none the less.


I hope your weeks are being productive and inspiring!

Not entirely expected!

Such a weekend you never did see! Well, I did, and you might have, if all of your circumstances came together like ours did! You know when you see a stuffed life sized tiger in a white hearse that you’re in for something a little different!


We had an Adventure all planned out, and at the last minute decided that this really may not be the perfect weekend for that particular Adventure. The weather was not cooperating with us.

So we decided to go play tourist instead by purchasing some tickets to the Sydney Aquarium with some left over holiday money we had.

We got there about lunch time, and there were queues, and we were dispirited, so we decided to find food, re-group, and come up with a new plan. We re-grouped here;


Such a steak you never did eat before! So tender, so juicy, so LARGE!

Three hours later, the queues to get into the Aquarium had mysteriously vanished, so we thought we’d try our luck!

We saw Dory


and Marlin


and Pony-Boy


and Bruce’s cousins …




*cough* I mean, Dugong of course!


Such an amazing day! We had so much fun! We’ll definitely be going back!

Now don’t forget the Raffle to raise money for the QLD flood relief is still going but ends next Monday, 24th, at 9am. If you have yet to enter Just head to this post and follow the directions. The clean up efforts are just monumental, and every little bit helps.


Then there was fish

Himself and I hosted a small soiree of familial proportions recently. We were aiming for relaxed gathering that was a little different to what we normally do. I think we achieved our goal admirably!

We began by heading down the road to the Sydney Fish Markets, where, as the name suggests, you can buy fish.


Fish Markets - Fish
Fish Markets – Fish

Did I mention fish?


Fish Markets - Fillets
Fish Markets – Fillets

And marine life?


Fish Markets- Oysters
Fish Markets- Oysters

And fillets! (of fish)


Fish Markets- Fillets
Fish Markets- Fillets

And marine life!


Fish Markets - Prawns
Fish Markets – Prawns

But there’s so much more to the Fish Markets! On any visit you can buy everything you need for a large party, or small gathering. From the wine,


Fish Markets - Wine Shop
Fish Markets – Wine Shop

To the deli selection of cheeses, cured meats, and sauces.


Fish Markets- Deli
Fish Markets- Deli

If you’re inclined towards a romantic encounter, you can also purchase a good start on the way to any woman’s heart; flowers


Fish Markets - Flower Shop
Fish Markets – Flower Shop

Followed by a mountain of chocolate!


Fish Markets- Deli Chocolate
Fish Markets- Deli Chocolate

Fill in

(This is a fill in post from back on the 23rd Dec 2008. Back to normal scheduled blogging shortly.)

Did I ever tell you how much I love Adventures? *grins*

On the weekend, we went on a mini adventure that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. We went on a Bear Hunt.

Now, I know what you’re thinking; Bears? In the Mountains? Who’d have thought?

But they are there! They exist! And we shot them.

Proof you say?

They were trying to escape! But we got them! WE WON!

Damn I love our life! *grins*