Handwerkbeurs Zwolle

A small group of us got together again this year to head out East to Zwolle and the Handwerkbeurs! This was a much anticipated, and yet slightly scary prospect given how much opportunity there is to fall under the spell of some magical yarn!

 photo IMG_9130_zps9f2b09d0.jpg

I must admit that I had been looking forward to going back to this Hand Craft Fair since I was introduced to it last year! Would you like to know more?

Today’s Table – Finished Objects

Hi Everyone! Did you miss me? We have lots of adventures to catch up on next week, but until then let me catch you up on all the things I’ve been knitting!

First there was this hat which I made for Himself in a neat 2×2 rib to go with the scarf I’d made him earlier this year.

 photo IMG_8556_zps3373f909.jpg

Now that the weather has finally turned, he’s wearing it all the time! Would you like to know more?

Today’s Table – Shantung Silk Scarf

I have been working on a few projects for another swap I’m doing on Ravelry at the moment. The theme is Super Heroes, and I don’t really want to post pictures of those projects until after they’ve been received in case I’m being stalked for information! So you’ll have to wait a little while for those pictures. I’ve been working hard on them and they’ve been taking up most of my time!

But, you’re all in luck! I have also been unable to put down some of the beautiful new fibres I came home from the craft fair with, so I thought I’d show them all off to you!

Though I’ll begin by telling you about the one lone, single, solitary, button which is also in the picture below. I purchased it from Luena and the photo just doesn’t do it justice. It’s made of shell, so when the light catches it at just the right angle it glows with all the colours of the rainbow! I couldn’t leave it there, and I think it will make a wonderful statement piece or brooch! Maybe I can turn it into a shawl pin?

All 3 yarns I got were from Bart & Francis who just have the most amazing and inspiring collection! We spent a fair amount of time in front of their stall listening to all the technical aspects of how the yarns are made and put together. I hadn’t left myself enough budget to purchase any of the really fancy yarns (think; brushed silks, mohair, cashmere …) But I couldn’t walk past the cobweb weight baby alpaca (right), and when I got to the register there was the impulse purchase of the 100% Mulberry Silk (left)!

 photo 978c8fae-fbd0-481d-ae05-4210ad161b40_zps73afd9eb.jpg

The silk impulse purchase was aided by the scarf they had made up by the register which showed off the luster of the fibres to perfection! My photo doesn’t do it justice at all unfortunately!

Also by the register was my other impulse purchase. The Silk Shantung. It’s so fine, so delicate, and yet, being silk, a really strong fibre. The swatch piece they had made up to show off fabric made from the yarn, was soft and airy and with a simple but regular pattern. This showed off the texture of the yarn to perfection! Hence, upon coming home and having a quick flick through my stitch dictionaries, I cast on immediately.

 photo 49e402eb-3918-443b-ae6c-7b81e801fbc9_zps11290283.jpg

This is the perfect knit night piece. It’s easy to follow, and quite a brain dead knit being only 3 stitches in combination. So I can talk and drink while knitting, with little worry about going wrong in the pattern. With all that taken into account though, it still creates an airy, interesting, and textural fabric. I love it!

And yes, I am knitting with something that is the equivalent gauge and density of sewing thread on that spool. Would you expect anything less of me at this point?

I’ve been knitting!

So I haven’t caught you up on the knitting for a while, so here goes!

I finally finished the scarf I was making for Himself’s birthday. Turned out rather well I thought! More importantly, He likes it!


I’ve been working out a new pattern for some brooches to sell. I found some beautiful vintage crystal buttons for the centres! And the mohair yarn is incredibly soft! They’re like flowers made from clouds!


I have been forced to stop work on the Evenstar Shawl as I’ve run out of yarn. I have more on the way. It’s just still on its way with all our other stuff.

Of course, working without all my usual tools handy does have a few drawbacks! I’m really missing my swift and ball winder! But we made do. It just took a little longer than usual.


You can’t stop me from knitting! Especially not when I get my hands on my favourite Lorna’s Laces, Helen’s Lace yarn, in the most warm creamy delicious chocolate colour! So smooth! So soft!


It doesn’t look like much yet … Of course as beautiful as that piece is going to be when it’s done, it’s getting a touch big to take to Knit Night. So I’ve begun some socks in a gorgeous yarn sent to me along with a jar of vegemite from the UK! Thank you Clare! It’s just the most beautiful liquid buttery colour!


I’m doing them in a falling leaves pattern in anticipation of my first real Autumn which is on it’s way! Living in a mostly evergreen country up until recently has had it’s downsides. I can’t wait to see all the leaves change colour!

The Powerhouse Museum

There are places you go when you’re feeling a little flat. When your life needs some direction. When you just feel the need to connect with something inspirational again. For me, one of those places has always been the Powerhouse Museum.

I took myself off on a little excursion over there today. Decided to give myself a treat, and go and see the Harry Potter exhibition while it was still on. I may have reached the conclusion that a weekday, now that school is back on, and early in the morning, was the most sensible time to go for a visit. And I was right!

The session I went in with (yes, you go to a timed entry session), was the first of the day, and I was one of five adults. No screaming children. No queues. No obstructed views. AND I got to be sorted! *giggles* Oodles of fun!

I was enthralled and mesmerised by all the details in each of the costumes and all the props! Truly mind-blowing, and utterly inspiring!

But, being owned by Warner Bros, no photography allowed.

So whilst in the building, I navigated my way around the construction work (and they are doing quite a bit of it at the moment it seems!) and headed off down to my favourite space; the Lace Study Centre.

In there I was able to chat with the wonderful volunteers who are so knowledgeable and who obviously not only love, but have an all encompassing passion for their craft. It’s catching! I showed them some of my work, and they showed me the basics of bobbin lace (I’ve always wanted to do that! *adds it to the list*).


They opened all the drawers for me, and we discussed this history of some of the older pieces, the methods of construction, and then the procedures of some of the newer pieces, like Catherine’s wedding gown and the Royal School of Needlework’s part in its construction.



As the room filled up, and they had people other than me to effuse all over, I headed out to the Love Lace exhibit that’s currently running.


I love discovering new ways of incorporating lace into life, and how many different things it represents to so many different people!

This is a selection of a few of my favourite pieces from today.


You know I’m going to try this at some point, right? *plots a yarn bomb*

I also want to try this with some doilies!


And the rest!!!








I can’t get over the fact that this is a chain link fence!

So anyway, by the time I walked out of there I was well and truly inspired! Now to take that inspiration and make something mind blowing with it!

To the grind stone!