The Powerhouse Museum

There are places you go when you’re feeling a little flat. When your life needs some direction. When you just feel the need to connect with something inspirational again. For me, one of those places has always been the Powerhouse Museum.

I took myself off on a little excursion over there today. Decided to give myself a treat, and go and see the Harry Potter exhibition while it was still on. I may have reached the conclusion that a weekday, now that school is back on, and early in the morning, was the most sensible time to go for a visit. And I was right!

The session I went in with (yes, you go to a timed entry session), was the first of the day, and I was one of five adults. No screaming children. No queues. No obstructed views. AND I got to be sorted! *giggles* Oodles of fun!

I was enthralled and mesmerised by all the details in each of the costumes and all the props! Truly mind-blowing, and utterly inspiring!

But, being owned by Warner Bros, no photography allowed.

So whilst in the building, I navigated my way around the construction work (and they are doing quite a bit of it at the moment it seems!) and headed off down to my favourite space; the Lace Study Centre.

In there I was able to chat with the wonderful volunteers who are so knowledgeable and who obviously not only love, but have an all encompassing passion for their craft. It’s catching! I showed them some of my work, and they showed me the basics of bobbin lace (I’ve always wanted to do that! *adds it to the list*).


They opened all the drawers for me, and we discussed this history of some of the older pieces, the methods of construction, and then the procedures of some of the newer pieces, like Catherine’s wedding gown and the Royal School of Needlework’s part in its construction.



As the room filled up, and they had people other than me to effuse all over, I headed out to the Love Lace exhibit that’s currently running.


I love discovering new ways of incorporating lace into life, and how many different things it represents to so many different people!

This is a selection of a few of my favourite pieces from today.


You know I’m going to try this at some point, right? *plots a yarn bomb*

I also want to try this with some doilies!


And the rest!!!








I can’t get over the fact that this is a chain link fence!

So anyway, by the time I walked out of there I was well and truly inspired! Now to take that inspiration and make something mind blowing with it!

To the grind stone!

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